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For over 25 years, Walker Consulting has been collaborating with organizations to develop high-quality educational services and settings for students with significant social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  We offer a wide range of consulting services to schools, districts and other organizations in Massachusetts and surrounding states.

Our areas of specialization include:
  • Social Emotional and Academic Learning
  • Social Emotional Behavioral Interventions, Supports & Services
  • K-12 Specialized Programming
  • Early Intervention/Early Childhood Specialized Programming
Our consulting services include:
  • Organizational and Programmatic Consultation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Social-Emotional and Academic Curriculum & Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Policy/Procedure Development
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Psychiatric Consultation
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Student Case Consultation

Our racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse team of consultants have extensive experience working in public and private school settings.  They are known for effectively collaborating with client organizations; creating solutions; guiding, monitoring, and adjusting implementation; and evaluating inputs, outputs, and outcomes. 

With each project, our consultants develop a shared understanding of the mission, goals, and needs of the client organization, engage relevant stakeholders, and utilize qualitative and quantitative approaches to the work.  All engagements are developed on a foundation of trauma-sensitive practice; equity, inclusion and diversity; family engagement; and data-informed outcomes but any project can be customized with a concentration in one or more of these sets of principles. 

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To speak to someone about how Walker Consulting can address your organization’s needs, please contact John Verre, Director of Walker Consulting at 781-292-2178 or