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Provided in a highly structured, therapeutic environment, Walker Respite is available for children ages 5 through 13 with complex behavioral, social, psychological and emotional needs, and for whom respite care by extended family or foster family is not appropriate or sufficient in light of these needs.  Children needing respite services typically require a high level of adult supervision and support, and as such their needs can place enormous strain on a family or foster family.  For struggling families, the availability of planned respite services can play a critical role in reducing or preventing out-of-home placement.


Walker Campus-Based Respite provides children with structured and therapeutic recreational activities while enabling parents and other family members to have a “break” from the intensive demands of caring for a child with complex special needs. For the child, a weekend or school vacation respite program provides the necessary structure to keep the child “out of trouble” in the community or at home. In addition, the child can benefit from the structured recreational activities—opportunities for developing improved social skills, cooperating with unfamiliar peers, and learning to form new friendships.


Walker Day Respite offers services similar to Campus-Based Respite, however it is available only on school vacation days or any other day when the Walker School is not in session.