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Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) Services are provided to MassHealth youth up to the age of 21 in any setting where the youth resides, such as home (including foster homes), and in other community settings such as school, child care centers, or respite settings.  TM offers structured, one to one strength-based support services between a therapeutic mentor and a youth for the purpose of addressing daily living, social, and communication needs.  TM services include supporting, coaching, and training the youth in age appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication problem-solving, and conflict resolution.  TM promotes a youth’s success in navigating various social contexts, learning new skills, and making progress in the community.  TM is a “Hub-Dependent” service which means for a youth to access TM services, the referral must be made by an Outpatient Therapist, In-Home Therapist, or Intensive Care Coordinator.

To make a referral for Therapeutic Mentoring, please call 781-292-2196.

Please click here for the Therapeutic Mentoring Referral Form.