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The Walker Residential Treatment Program (RTP) helps children with high-risk behaviors and their families build social, emotional, and behavioral skills so they may achieve and maintain a permanent family connection. The Walker RTP is a nationally accredited, fully licensed, Chapter 766-approved program for children ages 5 to14 who can be cared for in a staff-secure group setting.

The Walker RTP is designed for:

  • Children with complex developmental difficulties (learning disabilities, chronic mental illness, language disorders, high-functioning autism spectrum disorders, histories of high-risk behaviors), and children who have suffered from severe trauma, histories of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, disrupted foster placements, failed adoptions, and psychiatric hospitalizations.

The Walker RTP is a flexible, family-driven program specializing in safety, stabilization, assessment, and treatment. There is a focus on understanding how a child’s development has shaped his or her strengths, weaknesses, and unique learning style. The professionals at Walker do not simply focus on erasing deficits or making a child better, they work with the family and home community to assist in making a smooth, seamless transition for the child.

For more information contact: Edie Janas, 781-292-2104 or


Clients of Walker Intensive Residential Treatment and Group Home 1:3 Programs can utilize home-based and outreach support through Walker’s Follow Along Program. This program is designed to help children preserve and maintain permanent connections to their family and community.

All Follow Along youth have access to a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, and each case is reviewed weekly by a Walker multi-disciplinary team. This team works in partnership with families to identify, and address their needs cooperatively while working to build upon each family member’s strengths. Additionally, Follow Along staff always seeks to connect a child and family to their community, through both formal and informal relationships. To this end, discharge planning begins the moment the child and family are referred to Walker.

With the complex and comprehensive needs of each family in mind, Follow Along components are designed to allow maximum flexibility in service delivery. Outreach services are available when the family needs it: during evenings, bedtime, early morning and weekends.



Each year, the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) conducts a review of each of our school programs. Every year, DESE conducts an annual review; every three years they conduct a more in-depth  Mid-Cycle Review; and every six years they conduct a Program Review, which is a very thorough and comprehensive review of our school programs.

In June, Walker completed our six-year DESE program review, which included a written submission, on-site inspection of each of our schools, staff interviews, student and personnel record reviews, classroom observations, and family surveys. We are very proud to announce that we received a Final Report which indicates that we passed each area of inspection. We have no corrective action required. Our DESE-approved school programs include the Beacon High School, Walker Day Program and Walker Intensive Residential Program.

We invite you to review our Final Report on our website, or please stop by the reception area at any of our DESE-approved school programs. We will have a copy available for you to review onsite.