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Walker’s Community-Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) is a coeducational program specifically designed to provide short-term emergency stabilization and support to children between the ages of 5 and 13 years old who are actively experiencing severe emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric crises. The program offers an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization that is often more clinically appropriate and family friendly. Family involvement is strongly encouraged in order to support the child in the most appropriate way possible.

Walker’s Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT) program serves children ages 3 to 13 who require a higher level of service than our CBAT program (e.g., daily psychiatry and increased milieu support).

Created in response to the increasing number of very young children requiring crisis care, as well as the increasing severity and complexity of their challenges, the CBAT/ICBAT programs offer short-term, multidisciplinary services designed to:

  • stabilize young children in crisis;
  • provide thorough clinical assessments and diagnostic services;
  • provide medication evaluation, assessment, and management;
  • administer psychological testing to clarify diagnostic issues;
  • provide follow-up support and consultation, when appropriate;
  • assess and help secure community-based supports to assist with the transition to less restrictive environments; and
  • decrease the potential for readmission to inpatient, CBAT, or ICBAT programs;

The CBAT/ICBAT programs each feature a highly structured therapeutic milieu that promotes children’s safety and well-being and provides opportunities to develop and practice positive coping skills and strategies.  In the milieu, children regularly participate in individual, group, and family therapy, as well as attend daily educational services.

Shamora Michelson, LICSW