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The Ain Group Home is an Intensive Group Home (1:3), coeducational program for children ages 5 to 13 and their families.  As an Intensive Group Home, the Ain Group Home provides a safe, structured, home-like living environment.  While on-site, children receive comprehensive treatment that includes clinical services, health services, psychiatric consultation, occupational therapy, educational support, milieu therapy, and case management.  Outside of the residence, children participate fully in the community by attending community-based schools, camps, extracurricular activities, and social and recreational events.

As the Ain Group Home provides services to children who are able to attend school in the community but currently unable to live in a home or community setting due to safety concerns, the program focuses treatment on safety and stability, with particular emphasis on developing children’s skills for success in school and community settings, developing families’ skills in supporting a child with complex needs, and working with families to develop strong support networks within their home communities.

Daily, the program offers children opportunities to engage in activities that promote social competency in the areas of self-care, communication, social interaction, and play skills—skills that are critical if a child is to participate meaningfully in family life and community activities.  

For more information, please contact:  Tim Hubbard, Group Home Director at 781-292-2182 or