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Walker is committed to the ongoing, collaborative process of creating and sustaining an organizational learning culture that is mutually respectful, values all forms and expressions of diversity, and that strives to be culturally competent in achieving Walker’s mission, actively including and empowering all members of the Walker community in accomplishing these goals.

Walker recognizes that there are universal characteristics and attributes which bring richness and diversity to the Walker community. These include but aren’t limited to: race, ethnicity, national origin, language, color, gender identity, including transgender and gender non-conforming, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion and abilities. In addition, Walker values the diversity reflected in family composition, structure and “lived experience.”  These differences may be immutable or changeable, cultural, ethnic, religious, intellectual or ideological. Each of these characteristics is integral to the identity we form as individuals, and all are essential to creating a vibrant, service community which is committed to Walker’s mission.

Walker is committed to creating and sustaining an organizational environment which values diversity and supports inclusive ways of work to provide encouragement, guidance and support for individuals, families and communities seeking to build their own unique capacities for growth and development. Walker seeks always to provide nurturing and calm environments where learning, self-awareness, growth and positive change are cornerstones of our work together.

Walker is committed to maintaining policies that set forth practice standards for providing services that are ethnically and culturally reflective of and sensitive to the children and families, staff and community partners who work together. We are committed to building a culturally competent, responsive and diverse workforce. Further, our admission procedures, case management and treatment planning, therapeutic interventions, educational and youth development programming recognize and respond to unique circumstances respecting the dignity and value of diverse identities and perspectives.

Walker is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity in the workplace.